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For Hosts

Airplus provides valuable tools for hosts who decide to use our platform. Airplus is proud to be the only service to offer an Ad Network for hosts to promote their listing in a cost-effective way and maximize the return on their investment.We will even create an ad for you! Tracking and Ad Campaign Analytics for every ad are included for advertising campaigns on every account. Emails are sent on a weekly basis outlining campaign reports and analytics results. Ads are featured within search results and in Premium Banners and Leaderboards posted on various pages of our website. Advertising kits are available upon request at

How Airplus Advertising Works

Lets say a host named David registers for advertising to promote his listing located in St. Louis, Missouri.

  1. David begins by creating a Leaderboard advertisement using our online Ad Management tool.
  2. A user in Philadelphia decides to search for listings in St. Louis for her next vacation.
  3. Davids listing is shown to the user as an advertisement with a total price.
  4. If the user decides she likes the the listing, she can click on the advertisement and go directly to book the listing through Davids provider.

This method of advertising is known as Targeted Advertising.

By using Targeted Advertising, A room-sharing host can:

  1. Use the most cost effective approach to promoting their room-sharing listing.
  2. Show their listing only to users who are genuinely interested in booking your room listing.
  3. Increase the number of visits to on their listing page
  4. Increase the frequency of requests to book their room listing.

Advertising Locations

Airplus is very dedicated to providing high quality content from a wide range of providers that is totally free to use. If you would like to advertise to a large customer base then you might be interested in placing your ads on Airplus. Advertising services are only provided at a CPM rate at this time. Several industry-standard advertising placements are available for hosts to promote their listing(s). Opportunities are also available for 3rd party companies to promote their products and services. If you are interested, just contact us.

We hope that your experience with us allows you to get more opportunities to share your short-term rental with your guests.

Airplus uses industry-standard sizes for Targeted Advertisements as well as Placement Advertisements. Below is a sample mockup of available advertisement locations and their respective sizes. At this time, all room sharing advertisements are shown on the the Airplus Listings page. If you have any other ideas on how you would like to promote your service or product, just let us know. We accept hosts from ANY room-sharing service.

Room Sharing Advertising

If You're Still Interested, Contact us below.

For Guests

Airplus is a search engine for guests to search for Peer to Peer home rentals from multiple providers all in one place. Airplus is proud to be the only site to offer rentals from over 20 Providers! Airplus FlightFinder is powered by Google and provides access to flights around the world. Also, don’t forget to tell a friend about us!

It is our #1 goal to help you find home sharing accommodations and airfare in one place, stress-free and within your budget so that you can enjoy your trip!